Tea Party Express Responds to Hateful Comments from Teamster President Jimmy Hoffa

Tea Party Express responded today to Teamster President Jimmy Hoffa’s dangerous and irresponsible remarks as he introduced President Barack Obama in Detroit.
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Statement from Tea Party Express on FreedomWorks

Statement from Tea Party Express:

FreedomWorks has made the decision to protest the Tea Party Express rally in Concord, NH on Sunday evening due to an appearance by Governor Mitt Romney.
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Recall Battles Finally Over in Wisconsin – Tea Party Has Won the War

Jobs return to Wisconsin; majority of voters oppose recall of Governor Walker

With the final recall elections yesterday, the Wisconsin state senate recalls have come to an end. The Tea Party Express put a coalition of conservative groups together to help fight the battles, and is pleased that the message of fiscal responsibility has won the war.
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Tea Party Express Announces Network of Debate Co-Sponsors!

Network of Local Tea Party Groups Join as Co-Sponsors for CNN/Tea Party Express Republican Presidential Debate

The Tea Party Express makes a major announcement today regarding the upcoming Tea Party presidential debate, hosted by CNN and Tea Party Express in Tampa, Florida, on September 12th, 2011.
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