Congresswoman Bachmann Garners Strong Tea Party Support

Let Voters Decide on the Best Candidate

Sacramento, CA – Tea Party Express, the nation’s largest Tea Party political action committee, said today that Congresswoman Bachmann garners broad support within the tea party movement. The organization also came out opposing any efforts to push her or any other candidates out of the race before the Iowa caucuses on January 3rd.
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A Response to President Obama’s Osawatomie, KS Speech

Tea Party Express Confronts “Fallacies of the Obama Doctrine”

Sacramento, CA – The Tea Party Express, the nation’s largest and most successful tea party political action committee, voiced strong objections to President Obama’s December 6th speech, calling it “a desperate attempt to polarize America with provocative class warfare rhetoric.”
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America: A Monarchy in Three Branches

By Howard Kaloogian

Richard Nixon once told David Frost that when the president does something that means it’s not illegal. Today, nearly an entire government has adopted Nixon’s thinking: it can’t be illegal when government does it. The establishment of both parties disregards and even holds in contempt the notion that the Constitution limits and binds them.
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Tea Party Express Statement on NY-9 Special Election

Tea Party Express considered one of the most aggressive and influential tea party groups, congratulates Republican Bob Turner on winning the NY-9 special election yesterday. The Tea Party Express contributed to this victory by making the maximum allowable contribution, as well as making thousands of GOTV calls into the district.
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