GOTV: Middle of the marathon

by Donlyn Turnbull
Director of New Media

Have you ever run a marathon?

If you’ve participated in or even if you’ve stood on the sidelines cheering the participants, you understand it’s no easy task. And if you speak with any repeat marathoner, they’ll joke about how it’s not running the 26 miles that is difficult- it’s the last .2 miles. Read More

Grassroots Update: Remembering why we fight

by Kay Rivoli
Director of Grassroots

Many of you have been working hard all election cycle. Whether it was getting in the trenches during the primaries or working with us to unify for the general election, you’ve been out there fighting tooth and nail to save our great nation. However, it’s important for us to remember why—why we are losing sleep, volunteering our free time, and donating dollars. Read More

Election Roundup: What’s happening in your backyard?

by Andy Surabian
Political Director

After weeks and weeks of polls showing Tea Party Express-endorsed candidate Tom Cotton leading liberal incumbent Mark Pryor, the Democrats are calling in the big gun. It was reported that former President Bill Clinton will campaign with Pryor during a series of rallies throughout the state in an effort to save his flailing campaign. Read More

Welcome to being a good GOTV neighbor!

by Donlyn Turnbull
Director of New Media

It’s week two of our official Tea Party Express “Get Out the Vote” campaign and this week we are focusing on being a good GOTV neighbor. Our GOTV newsletters provide you with all the current election updates so you can learn what’s going on without the spin of the liberal media. Read More

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