Grassroots Update: Keeping our eyes on the finish line

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by Kay Rivoli
National Grassroots Director

Here’s the deal.  The Dems are scared to death.  They are pouring big money into campaigns in South Dakota, Kansas and many other key battleground states.  We, the grassroots, have them on the run.  We are uniting behind our conservative candidates and getting out the vote.  Tea party supporters are waving signs for Tom Cotton in Arkansas, knocking on doors for Cory Gardner in Colorado and making phone calls for Pat Roberts in Kansas. Read More

Election Roundup: The race rundown in key States

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by Andrew Surabian
Political Director

On Monday morning, Tea Party Express Executive Director Taylor Budowich was joined by a large and enthusiastic group of local Tea Party members to announce our endorsement of Senator Pat Roberts for U.S. Senate at a unity event in Wichita, Kansas. Our endorsement of Senator Roberts followed endorsements of the Senator from conservative superstars like Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin. Read More

GOTV: Middle of the marathon

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by Donlyn Turnbull
Director of New Media

Have you ever run a marathon?

If you’ve participated in or even if you’ve stood on the sidelines cheering the participants, you understand it’s no easy task. And if you speak with any repeat marathoner, they’ll joke about how it’s not running the 26 miles that is difficult- it’s the last .2 miles. Read More

Grassroots Update: Remembering why we fight

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by Kay Rivoli
Director of Grassroots

Many of you have been working hard all election cycle. Whether it was getting in the trenches during the primaries or working with us to unify for the general election, you’ve been out there fighting tooth and nail to save our great nation. However, it’s important for us to remember why—why we are losing sleep, volunteering our free time, and donating dollars. Read More

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