Tea Party Express Endorses Ron DeSantis for U.S. Senate

Sacramento, CA – Tea Party Express, the nation’s largest Tea Party political action committee, proudly endorses Congressman Ron DeSantis for U.S. Senate in Florida. Read More

Interview with Kay Rivoli- National Grassroots Director, Tea Party Express

by Justin Petty
Administrative Director

Each week, we’ve featured your column, in which you’ve shared with us your interactions with local tea party groups across the country and your thoughts on this election cycle. What information this week do you feel is important to share?
I’m feeling very good about tea party success heading into election day, though I still want to remind folks why elections next week are so important as we really do need all tea party voters fully engaged if we’re going to continue to make progress in restoring this great nation. Next week, we have a chance to finally elect a conservative majority in the Senate and rip the gavel out of Harry Reid’s hands, preventing any further liberal judicial appointments by President Obama in his last two years. Whether or not our primary candidate made it, we HAVE to support the more conservative candidate in each race. Read More

Grassroots Update: The countdown is on.

by Kay Rivoli
National Grassroots Director

The countdown is on! Only 15 days till Election!

We are fast approaching the November 4th elections and it is time to BLAST OFF in your efforts to get out the vote. On the state and local levels, it is time to get out the yard signs, walk the precincts, man the phone banks, and start conversations with your family and friends discussing why this election is so important. IT IS TIME TO DEFEAT THE SINISTER SIX and take the gavel out of Harry Reid’s hands. Read More

Grassroots Update: Keeping our eyes on the finish line

by Kay Rivoli
National Grassroots Director

Here’s the deal.  The Dems are scared to death.  They are pouring big money into campaigns in South Dakota, Kansas and many other key battleground states.  We, the grassroots, have them on the run.  We are uniting behind our conservative candidates and getting out the vote.  Tea party supporters are waving signs for Tom Cotton in Arkansas, knocking on doors for Cory Gardner in Colorado and making phone calls for Pat Roberts in Kansas. Read More