John Stone, Republican candidate in Georgia’s 12th Congressional District


John Stone, Republican candidate in Georgia’s 12th Congressional District, talks about his pledge to vote for all new House leadership if elected to Congress, as well as Obamacare, the 2nd Amendment, the Benghazi hearings, and how to stimulate an economy that allows too many able-bodied workers to sit on the sidelines.

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Four Dead in Benghazi Video

by Lloyd Marcus

I made this music video because I want low-info voters to get it; to understand that four Americans unnecessarily died at the hands of Al Qaeda terrorists who overtook our U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya. Read More

A Real Man Conservative Republican Running for Congress

by Lloyd Marcus

I suspect that many of you share my frustration with wimpy Republican candidates; afraid to embrace the Tea Party, afraid to stand up for conservative principles and values, afraid to stand up for the law, afraid to push back against bogus allegations of racism for not rubber stamping Obama’s fast and furious power grabs and attacks on our freedoms. Read More

Tea Party Express Condemns Tom MacArthur for Insensitive Timing of Attack Ads

Omaha, NE – Tea Party Express, the nation’s largest Tea Party political action committee, condemns New Jersey congressional candidate Tom MacArthur today for releasing factually inaccurate attack ads against Tea Party Express-endorsed candidate Steve Lonegan a day after news broke that his newborn grandson is in the intensive care unit. Read More