Tea Party Express CPAC Raffle

This weekend the Tea Party Express team is at the Conservative Political Action Convention (CPAC) alongside conservative leaders like Sarah Palin, Paul Ryan, Gov. Scott Walker, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann and many others! Our purpose here is simple: raise awareness of our campaign to take control of the Senate by electing real conservative leaders.
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Feb 6, 2012: The Rick Amato Show with Tea Party Express Monday

Amy Kremer, Chairman of Tea Party Express Guest Hosts

Greg Keller, Executive Director of American Conservative Union talks about CPAC
Karen Harrington, Candidate for U.S. Congress/Florida 20th District talks about campaign against Debbie Wasserman-Shultz

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Reagan’s Message Today Would Be Optimistic

By Sal Russo

Since today is his birthday, it is a good time to remember that Ronald Reagan was an eternal optimist. He believed in America, and he believed in the American people. Despite the vicious attacks from the left and even from the Republican establishment, he always soldiered forward, determined to carry the message of freedom. It is a lesson for those of us today who are fighting the battle for the tea party movement. There are setbacks from time to time, but we are right on the issues, and the future will be ours if we can show the same dedication to the cause that we saw from Ronald Reagan.
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Don’t Believe the Government Numbers

As usual, Washington is misleading the public about the economy.  President Obama is hoping to use false numbers about employment to confuse voters about his destructive policies.  The Bureau of Labor and Statistics is making the audacious claim that the national unemployment rate is only 8.3%. This bogus number is calculated by changing the labor participation rate; in other words, government economists don’t include people who gave up searching for jobs.  This number also doesn’t include part time employees that desire to work full time.
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