2020 Endorsements

Our team at Tea Party Express are busy vetting candidates for the Senate and House. We would like to share with you the candidates we are excited to give our support. Each one of them represents the tea party values we have been putting forth since 2009. Fiscal conservatives with the courage to stand up and fight. Staunch defenders of our second amendment rights and vocal advocates for limited government, freedom of religion, and national security.

Each candidate has taken their stand with President Trump and his Pro-American agenda, and with said, Tea Party Express is pleased to endorse the following candidates:

Candidates for Senate

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Steve Daines, Montana

Corky Messner, New Hampshire

Mike Rounds, South Dakota

Candidates for House

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Mike Garcia, California, CD-25

Kat Cammack, Florida, CD-3

Dr. Rich McCormick, Georgia, CD-7

Ashley Hinson, Iowa, CD-1

Mariannette Miller-Meeks, Iowa, CD-2

David Young, Iowa, CD-3

Thomas Massie, Kentucky, CD-4

Matt Rosendale, Montana, At Large

Wayne King, North Carolina, CD-11

Nancy Mace, South Carolina, CD-1

We would welcome your support in our pursuit of quality candidates who will represent we the people in Washington, D.C., and stand for the tea party principles we believe in. We are educating grassroots voters on conservative candidates, and together we can GOTV in efforts to take back the House, hold the Senate and continue to support President Trump in his efforts to Keep America Great!

If you have a candidate you would like us to take under consideration, please email our National Grassroots Director, Kay Rivoli, [email protected]